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 „Employment – Equality - Competitiveness”
International Conference
Venue: Hungarian National Assembly, Upper House Chamber
Date: 17th October, 2008
Language of the conference: Hungarian, English and French

Goal of the Conference:
With the participation of organizations who wish to contribute
to the expansion of the labor-market and the realization of equal opportunities
(EU, government, economic sphere, non-proft organizations, media, etc.)
to establish a dialogue –forum in the interest of the expansion of women’s employment and a more competitive economic atmosphere.

Organizers of the Conference:
Association for Women’s Career Development in Hungary
Parliamentary Committee of Employment and Labor

Main Patrons of the Conference:
Erika Szűcs, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor
Dr. Zita Gurmai, MEP, Vice-Chairwoman
of the Committee of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

Host of the Conference:
Nándor Gúr, Chairman
Parliamentary Committee on Employment and Labor

Main Sponsors:
National Employment Foundation
Parliamentary Committee on Employment and Labor

Budapest, October 20, 2008



The Association for Women’s Career Development in Hungary (AWCDH) published Katalin Koncz’s, Hungary’s leading women studies expert, 450-page book titled “Women in Politics – Hungary 1990-2006” as part of its project “Women in Political Decision Making” in 2006. The book was published with English, German and French summaries. 
AWCDH has mobilized a wide spectrum of political and social contributors with its conference titled “Women in political decision making” organized in co-operation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. The conference served as the introductory event of “2007 – European Year of Equal Opportunities for All”. The conference was a unique and exemplary event which demonstrated the spirit of co-operation among stakeholders such as NGOs, parliamentary parties, multinational companies and the highest-level institutions of the European Union interested in furthering women’s equality in Hungary.  This valuable co-operation was also enriched by the participation of the US Ambassador and the delegate of the Canadian Embassy in Budapest.

AWCDH launched its initiative “Hungarian Women for a Better World” in 2007.
The Association hopes to involve women who are of Hungarian origin in the promotion of women’s equal opportunities in Hungary. We are confident that these women could help strengthen democracy in Hungary and help the country towards a better future by offering their expertise and personal devotion for this country.
“The World Conference of Hungarian Women” was held on 23-24, November, 2007 in the Upper House Chamber of the Hungarian National Assembly under the main patronage of dr. Kinga Göncz, Minister of Foreign Affairs and dr. Zita Gurmai, Member of the European Parliament, Vice-Chairwoman of the Committee for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. The conference was hosted by Dr. Katalin Szili, the Speaker of the Parliament. It was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Special Secretariat for Equality of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and Procter & Gamble.

Further references for the Association for Women’s Career Development in Hungary

The international conference “Employment – Equality – Competitiveness” also builds on the achievements and expertise gathered during the projects listed below.  We aim not only to debate and share all opinions and recommendations but also to integrate them into our future activities.

“Local Governments for Equal Opportunities” Award, next organized in 2010,

At the Hungarian opening event of “2007 – European Year of Equal Opportunities for All” Andrea
Ferenczi, the President of AWCDH chaired the CSR-Section. She also participates as an expert in the
Working Group Women in Economic Decision Making launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs and

AWCDH is a partner of  Procter&Gamble, the 170 year-old US multinational company applying exemplary gender equality practices. The university road show “Women and Career in the XXIst Century” is a joint-activity of the partners.

“The Best Workplace for Women” Award is organized yearly in co-operation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the Parliamentary Committee for Employment and Labor and Procter&Gamble.

AWCDH contributes to the work of the Parliamentary Committee for Employment and Labor by providing consultation on gender equality issues.

Concept of the Conference

The enlargement of labor-market participation is a vital political and economic issue of today. The harmonization of the measures taken on EU, national, regional and local level is the central challenge of creating regionally balanced employment.  

In order to find and implement effective solutions it is essential to create active forums of social dialogue among stakeholders such as economic participants, sector-specific NGOs and political decision makers. Labor market regulations, benefits, equality measures and inclusion of women and disabled are core issues to be discussed and agreed upon.

People require events where the complexity of governmental measures are presented on a global and sector-specific level. Indeed, there is a growing interest in learning about the results of the efforts made for equality and to motivate NGOs to get more and more active in this field in order to extend social dialogue on this central topic.

The purpose of the conference

The outcome of the conference is that a need for a forum of knowledge transfer was established with the participation of organizations interested in and being able to work for the enlargement of employment and the realization of gender equality (EU, government, economic sector, non-profit organizations, media). This forum can be the basis for the enlargement of women’s employment and a more characteristic representation of gender equality, thus contributing to the enlargement of the labor market, its greater effectiveness and the strengthening of economic competitiveness.

  • informing all the interested parties influencing employment processes on the direction and advancement of EU, governmental and sectoral initiatives and the results of  the social dialogues between them.
  • evaluating and sharing the experience of a non-profit organization (AWCDH) in order to enhance the professional activity of other similar non-profit organizations
  • summary of short, medium and long-term tasks to enhance  equal opportunities
  • awareness of the connection between equal opportunity measures of companies and competitiveness
  • commencing the establishment of a regular forum for discussions between AWCDH, economic stakeholders and political decision makers.

Participants of the conference: 360 persons
From Abroad:
Sector-specific NGOs, equality and labor market experts, MEPs, Members of EC, ambassadors, with a special regard to lady ambassadors.
From Hungary:
Government/Ministries, sector-specific institutions, local governments, interest representation organizations of local governments, women NGOs, press, MPs, research institutes, universities and colleges, interest representation organizations of the labor market, commercial chambers, institutes of HR education and the largest employers.


Program (PDF)

Press Release (PDF)


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